Sulfur Plus


Superior Foliar and Soil Uptake

Sulfur Plus is a great nutrient source. It contains sulfate sulfur from ammonium sulfate. This special formula delivers sulfur to the plant in a more natural form.

Comparison of Sulfur Plus to other sources of sulfur has proven the superiority of Sulfur Plus in through both foliar and soil applications. A typical use rate for soil application is one quart per acre in with other side-dress fertilizers. When sulfur is a concern in the crop, using Sulfur Plus foliar applications at one quart per acre have proven to be very effective.

Sulfur and Your Crop

Sulfur is a key factor in a plants ability to produce protein, required for healthy growth and normal development. Sulfur is involved in amino acid production and is a coenzyme in the synthesis of vitamins, which are required to maintain energy and better metabolism.