Soil Solution


Digest Post Harvest Residue

Basic agronomy has taught us in agriculture that true wealth comes from the soil. With today's agricultural practices being so intense, our soils seldom have the opportunity to rest and “catch up”. Microorganism activity is the key to healthy soils and optimum yields. To stimulate microbial activity will enhance the breakdown of crop residue, improve aeration and increase nutrient available for the next crop. 

Soil Solution is applied to the soil to supply nutrients for existing microorganisms. These microbes break down plant residue and release tied up nutrients. This increased activity increases oxygen, which will give the soil more efficient fertilizer conversion, better moisture retention and improved soil tilth. This enriches the soil with more available nutrients, more aeration and moisture holding capacity, for a healthier soil with higher production capacity.

Low numbers of microbes, with little activity, results in tight, compacted, poorly aerated soils, as well as poor residue digestion. The result is lower water retention, less oxygen, poor residue composting, less nutrient availability, and reduced yields. This proprietary DeltAg product is a low analysis micronutrient blend which is designed to ‘feed’ the microbes that already exist in your soils. This is designed to stimulate the activity of microorganisms that, under normal circumstances, already exist in your soils. So, in fact, we are “feeding” your microbes.

 Improved microbial activities has a direct impact on crop residue, which in turn, helps overall soil health, while also having a direct impact on soil flocculation and microbial activity. Good microbial activity creates the long term benefits of a healthier soil, which is a function of time. It takes Time!