Potassium Plus


The Ultimate Low Rate K Source

Potassium Plus applied timely has proven to be very  beneficial as a foliar at a 32 ounces per acre rate, applied twice during heavy fruiting.

Foliar: Applying Potassium Plus is a very important step in reaching  your crops full potential. Potassium Plus provides additional potassium to supplement the heavy fruiting stages of crop development. Adding Potassium Plus can also help your crop to withstand diverse late season conditions.

Tank Mixed: Potassium Plus has been tank mixed with many pesticides; however, always check for compatibility. Potassium Plus, applied mid to late season is often applied with fungicides.

Soil: Potassium Plus is a great addition to side-dress liquids, aiding the availability of residual potassium.

* Potassium Plus was formerly Nutri K