Iron Plus



Iron Plus is formulated, not only to provide iron for healthy plant growth, but also to enhance the plants ability to use the residual iron that has built up in your soils over many years of applications.

Iron Plus is formulated with iron and sulfate-sulfur. We have turf growers that use Iron Plus. While this is a great tool, the best long term practice is to maintain a well aerated soil and a well-developed and active root system.

Iron and Your Crop

Iron is an essential micronutrient in plant chemistry and functions in the reduction or metabolism of both nitrates and sulfates, while also playing a major role in chlorophyll production and enzyme synthesis.

Many growers in Commercial environments feel that iron should be applied when a greening effect is desired. The result of routine iron applications is a build up of residual and unavailable iron.

In reality, most soils have ample iron for good plant growth. The problem is that in many cases this soil residual iron is not readily available for plant metabolism. This can be due to common practices like pesticide applications, traffic compaction and heavy watering that create a stressful environment.