Magnesium Plus


Many growers and dealers have found Magnesium Plus to be very effective as an in-furrow or side-dress application when soil test levels for magnesium are less then desirable, pH is optimum, and dolomitic liming is not an option. At DeltAg, we consider this application as a supplemental treatment.

Magnesium Plus has performed very well as an in-furrow at a rate of 16 ounces per acre. In side-dress applications, Magnesium Plus has been applied with liquid nitrogen at a rate of 32 ounces per acre. It also works well when a dolomitic lime application has been made in the spring or postponed.

Finally, Magnesium Plus is always a great foliar option when plants are chlorotic.

Magnesium and Your Crop

Magnesium is absolutely essential in all plants in the production of chlorophyll, which is the 'greening' mechanism for producing crop energy from sunlight. Environmental conditions, especially cold and wet weather interfere with a plant’s ability to synthesize chlorophyll. The result is less energy and less vigor.

Seedling crops, especially early planted corn, sometimes become stressed in extremely cold weather. The crop becomes chlorotic. Leaves turn yellow and then purple, and crop growth and development slow down. In this situation Magnesium Plus is an excellent foliar source.




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