Manganese Plus


Delivers Nutrients Faster

Manganese Plus is designed for improved effectiveness. With this chemistry, Manganese Plus shows superior performance.

Manganese Plus is used as a soil or foliar manganese source where manganese deficiencies occur or where additional manganese is desired.

Comparison of Manganese Plus to other sources of manganese has proven the superior performance of manganese. A typical use rate for soil applications is to apply 24 to 32 ounces in side-dress liquid fertilizers. Broadcast rates are not generally recommended. Foliar applications at 16 to 32 ounces have proven to be very effective.

Always conduct a compatibility test before any large scale mixing.

Manganese & Soybeans

A consistent  phenomenon in production of glyphosate tolerant soybeans has been seedling chlorosis that tends to surface in some areas of some fields. This is especially prevalent in fields with little or no rotation with other crops. At DeltAg, for many years, with Manganese Plus at 16 to 32 ounces per acre, we have treated this condition as a manganese deficiency that we felt was somehow caused by the plants inability to metabolize manganese. We often see this even when manganese soil levels are high. Today, with some really great University Research, we know this to be the case.

Research has shown that, while the addition of manganese to the glyphosate does not tend to be beneficial, a treatment AFTER the symptoms occur, can be very beneficial and has been shown to increase yields by as much as 15%. Also, we are only treating the effected areas instead of entire crops.