Convenient Micro-Nutrient Combo Pack

Provides Sulfur, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper & Manganese

Many growers have experienced the benefits of DeltAg’s micro-nutrients in combination on everything from field corn to vegetable crops. With so many crops benefiting from Zinc Plus, Magnesium Plus, Manganese Plus, Copper Plus and Sulfur Plus and in tank mix combos, we developed MicroVite.

MicroVite contains high concentrations of all of these ingredients combined in a formulated, clear and stable liquid. One quart of MicroVite will deliver the equivalent of 16 ounces each of Zinc Plus and Magnesium Plus as well as 22 ounces of Sulfur Plus, while also delivering the equivalent of 8 ounces each of Copper Plus and Manganese Plus. If more of any of these are needed, additions may be added. No more tank mixing of four or five different DeltAg products to accomplish that desired end result.

The "Micro" indicates the HIGH percent of each secondary and micronutrient in this product as compared to other products in the marketplace. MicroVite has the ability to perform adequately at low application rates as compared to other secondary/micro-nutrient sources.

MicroVite provides plants with response to the much needed Secondary and Micro-nutrients needed to maintain healthy crops.

MicroVite is not neutral like many other nutrient blends, but has an acid pH and does not generally require the addition of a buffer. Always conduct compatibility test before any large scale mixing.