Seed Coat


Seed Coat is a dry blend of nutrients applied to seed at planting. It is an extremely fine powder that will coat even the smallest of seed. Seed Coat creates a rich environment directly around the seed for a good, healthy start. Seed Coat can also replace Talc and/or Graphite.

How Does Seed Coat Work?

Most crops will go through a stress period in the early days after emergence. Plants struggle to emerge from the ground and expend a lot of energy in doing so. Typically, after emergence, they rest, or regroup. This period is referred to as a ‘lag phase’. This is when the plant is most susceptible to stress from the environment. This stress can be caused by lack of moisture, too much moisture, too cold, too hot, compacted soil and many other weather related factors. Once the stress sets in, the young plants become susceptible to weather stress and growth slows and a thin or stunted crop can be the result. The more energy the plant has, the quicker it gets up and growing and the less time there is in this lag phase for susceptibility to stress and disease.