Improve Nutrient Efficiency for a Healthier Crop

What is Plexal? This DeltAg formula was originally developed in the early 1990’s  as an additive to be used to helpsafen the effect of harsh overhead herbicides on seedling crops. After the development of our premier product PercPlus, we soon came to realize that this same BioTransport System formulation could be utilized to improve uptake and response to basic crop nutritionals in any nutritional combination. Thus, Plexal was released to a limited number of formulators to aid their product performance. In recent years, lab wind-tunnel tests have been required for tank-mixing with ???. With the results of those tests, we found that our most approved and most compatible tank-mix partner is also our most productive............ Plexal.

GENERAL INFORMATION:  Plexal is a formulation designed to aid crop health. Plexal may be applied on all field, row, vegetable, fruit, vine, ornamental, turf, hay and pasture crops. Plexal delivers the same BioTransport chemistry as PercPlus but with much less risk of compatibility issues with restricted use overhead herbicides.

With the right combination of ingredients, DeltAg’s BioTransport System can help your crop to efficiently utilize, not only your purchased fertilizers, but also residual nutrients. Residual nutrients are those that remain in your soil profile that come from soil organic matter or are left over from previous crops. Plexal is the premier formulation developed back in the early 1990’s that aids plant metabolism. Why not aid your crop’s ability to more efficiently take in, convert and metabolize much needed nutrients for a healthy crop.

APPLICATION RATES: Seedling & Full Canopy Foliar: Standard broadcast rate is 32 oz/acre. Early season applications on seedling crops may be split in two applications of 16 oz/acre each, provided these two applications are made within 10 to 14 days of each other.

COMPATIBILITY: This product is compatible with pesticides. However, it is advisable to always check for compatibility before any large-scale mixing. NOTE: Always follow label directions and precautionary statements on pesticide labels.

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